This is the communication website of the Sustainable University One-stop Shop Experiment. It focuses on advancing sustainability through science communication and research communication.


One of the six satellite websites of this personal experiment, this website features selected examples of science communication and research communication from my portfolio of work.


The posts are of three types:

  • Press articles: Selected press articles of science/ research communication that I have published in the national press in Sri Lanka in the period 1997-2007. Most of these articles had academics, researchers or professionals as resource persons.
  • News posts: Selected news posts (from the Sustainable University News website) on research-related events such as conferences.
  • Features posts: Selected LinkedIn posts that I have published on topics related to research centres and projects and posts with an academic origin.


A complete list of web-links of the Sustainable University One-stop Shop Experiment is as follows:




The Sustainable University (SU) One-stop Shop

Central platform | http://www.sustainableuni.kk5.org/


Satellite websites


SU News | https://sunewsinfo.wordpress.com/

SU Storytelling | https://sustystory.wordpress.com/

SU Communication https://sustycomm.wordpress.com/

SU Good Practice | http://sugoodpractice.wordpress.com/

SU Quotes | http://suquotesfacts.wordpress.com/

SU Library | https://librarysu.wordpress.com/


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The Sustainable University Support (SUS) Model